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DontSayAWordFINALDon’t Say a Word – Book 1 of the Undetected Trilogy

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In order to evade a killer, she’ll have to rely on a stranger…

Actress Vicki Lane’s biggest success was a TV detective series that went off the air nine years ago. Since then, she’s had hardly any roles and two divorces, and Hollywood has decided she’s over the hill. Dumping Hollywood for good, Vicki has gone back to her roots in upstate New York, where she plans to renovate and live as anonymously as she can.

But there are bats in the attic, the locals are excited to have a celebrity in the neighborhood, and her old life won’t leave her alone. And then she discovers that someone seems to be following her…

Will Christiansen is recovering from his injuries after surviving a plane crash in his employer’s private jet. He’s lying low in Towey, New York, thinking too much about the inside secrets he learned on that fatal trip and convincing himself that his former employer is probably—probably—not trying to kill him.

When Will and Vicki meet, their shared paranoia brings them together, as does a reluctant but powerful mutual attraction. When Vicki’s unknown pursuer plays a deadly game—and a possible assassin with designs on Will arrives in town—Vicki and Will must team up of they both want to survive.

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